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quarta-feira, 25 de julho de 2007

Formula1 (2007)

Assistance Tips During Gameplay
F1=Steering Assist: HIGH
F2=Opposite lock: ON
F3=Braking Assist: HIGH
F4=Stability Assist: HIGH
F5=Spin Recovery: HIGH
F6=Invulnebility: ON
F7=Auto Shifting: ON
F8=Traction Controll: HIGH
F9=AntiLock Brakes: HIGH
F10=PitLane Assistance: ON
F11=Clutch Assistance: ON
F12=Take Screenshot

You can lower or alter these as you get better.
Screenshots auto save in: C:Program FilesF1 Challange KRC 2007

Now you can kick Alonso's arse in his new Mclaren

How to install :
1 Mount F1 Challange2007 KRC.mdS
2.Click F1 Challange KRC 2007 setup
3 Run Game

Awesome graphics and gameplay

This is in spanish or german or some other language. But worry not!

A little trick from a previous version.:> :>

Go to C:Program FilesF1 Challange KRC 2007 - Options:
And delete these 2 files below to make it an english game.
game dic file
telem dic file
parte 01 parte 02
parte 03 parte 04
parte 05 parte 06
parte 07 parte 08

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