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sexta-feira, 8 de fevereiro de 2008

Pokemon Diamond e Pearl

Galera...mandandu um repost de Pokemon Diamond e Pearl

Agora do 469 ao 534,aproveitem...Bons Downs!!!

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Hikari is a 10 year old girl that wants to be a top coordinator just like her mother. She recieves the starting Pokemon - Pochama, after saving it from an Ariados's attack. Meanwhile, after conquering the Battle Frontier and motivated by his old rival Shigeru, Satoshi sets off to the far away land of Shin'ou. Once there, he meets Hikari and is reunited by his old friend Takeshi. Hikari - aiming to be top coordinator, and Satoshi - aiming to be a Pokemon Master and battle in the Sinnoh League, venture in the land of Shin'ou...Meeting lots of new Pocket Monsters, "Pokemon" for short, along the way.


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